Vince's Birthday Party!

Today is my baby boy's first birthday! We had a fun party this past weekend, jam packed with all our family, friends and even a few of Vince's little buddies. It was a bit chaotic, but in the best way.

 Our foyer, all ready to greet guests
 We ordered Lemon, Coffee crisp and Cookies & Cream cupcakes from a wonderful local business

 Present table with all my fav photos. Banners from a Canadian shop on etsy. Love shopping 'small'

 He tried eating the candle :/

Happy Birthday, My sweet boy!

Twelve Months

Twelve Months:

One Year old. We made it :)

Vince-you are looking more and more like a big boy everyday. You love to climb all over everything, and love sneaking into (yes, into) the dishwasher behind mom's back. Your personality is so full of sweetness. You give the best, cheesy grins, or act bashful and flirty. You recently started 'sharing' with everyone, and Marty loves this best of all. Especially cheerios, but sharing your soother or drooled on "taggies"...not so much. (Side not-V is obsessed with these little wash cloths from Babies R Us that have silk labels, or "taggies" on them. It's his security blanket of sorts).

You are a champion eater, and eat whatever gets put in front of you. You are eating 3 solid meals with 2-3 snacks a day and love milk and water in sippies, as well as the occassional spinach smoothie.

You are such a easy going little guy, and so much fun to be around. We think you will take after your Dad and be an engineer, as you love to study every little thing and how it works, and how it is put together.

We love you so much and can't wait to see what the future holds for us all!

Eleven Months

 I feel like this one crept up on me. Christmas...New Years...massive organizing and cleaning purge that comes after a new year, then bang! 11 months old!

Eleven Months:

Vince, what a fun month this has been with you. We started swim lessons two weeks ago, and you were very hesitant at first. Fast forward the next week and you were an all star kicker and splasher. This is so telling of your personality. Even when we visit friends houses, and like to sit in my lap and watch quietly until you get comfortable enough on your own-then off you go! You are a little shy and reserved, but very loyal to those you know and like, just like your mama.

You started crawling after months of trying, and it just so happened to be in the ten minutes after mom left the house for a cooking class. Sneaky boy! Dad was happy to catch it all on video. Since then, you are very deliberate in your movements. No speedy crawler for us. Marty's toys and bones are proving to be the best motivation to get you going.

Your favourite toys are the dishwasher, and any sort of TV or Iphone cords you can get your hands on. You love to crawl over to Marty and poke him on the nose gently, or touch his giant paws. You both seem to get a kick out of each other, always interested in what the other one is up to, which is really neat to watch.

Mom can't wait for your 1st birthday party, and for you to see your Grandpa for the 1st time since you were 2 months old. All the decorations have been picked...just the cake needs choosing :)

Happy 11 months, sweet boy!