Christmas memories

Merry (belated) Christmas, my friends! Hopefully everyone is enjoying some relaxing time off. I certainly was feeling ready for a break!

We kicked off our holidays with a fun day of making french toast, lounging in our PJ's and watching christmas movies (Home Alone was a huge hit with Vince. Die Hard was a huge hit with Dad).

Vince and I baked cookies for Santa, while Daddy wrote a sweet note for Vince to colour.

Everyone was spoiled by Santa, but even more so by the " Bad Grandma's" - Bad for spoling Vince so much!

Kids are too funny. The first gift to be opened was Marty's, and in it Vince found a ball. He then proceeded to play with Marty forever and ignore all his own gifts!

 Vince carrying a gift to Dad in the kitchen..."Daddddddyyyyy"

 Spoiled with Love

 Christmas dinner at Grandma's

Nothing beats a happy toddler :D
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Cheers to the New Year!

Mini home reno

A couple months ago we started looking into renovating our basement. After alot of back and forth with a local company, we decided it just wasn't quite the time to undertake such a large change. SO...instead we took the plunge and replaced all our main floor hardwood to laminate.

Our enigneered hardwood was starting to show alot of wear and tear from our toddler and 70lb dog. Not a huge deal (life is life) but my husband and I love our home and are very proud of it, and at the end of the day it just looked...unkempt and rough. 

We've had a while to live with it and adjust, and I can honestly regrets!

It wears so well, looks just as "real" as our hardwood and is so easy to clean. We have tested the durability with Vince's massive push car, and Marty's race to the doorbell. No scratches!

We had narrowed it down from our top three, to this 'Walnut' colour. I originally had wanted to go with something a little more rustic and gray toned, but our warm toned brown furniture made the floor show more green than a true gray.

I absolutely love this colour! It is slightly lighter than our engineered hardwood that came out, is still wide plank and slightly rustic.

We hired a local small business to rip out the floors, replace with new and also paint and install all new (taller) baseboards. They were amazing to work with and very accomodating to this detailed orientated client!

For reference, here are the floors before. So still very similar, just fresher and lighter :)

Fall Family Photos

A few weeks ago we met our lovely friend and personal paparazzi Brendan Nogue for some updated family photos. We met in the exact same place as the last time we hung out. Back then, V was just a tiny little bump. Now...a full blown tempermental yet insanely adorable toddler!

 Forget posing for photos. ROCKS!!

 Every kid has their favourite little item or security blanket. Well, V's is a washcloth. Silk tags only!  He calls it his 'chag-ies' (Taggies)

Annie's ice cream was the perfect end to a fun photo session! Yumm