V's first vacation

Can I just say how travelling with babies is no joke? We had so much STUFF! One person walked by us in the airport and asked if we were moving.  It took two airport carts just to load everything up. Phew.
 With our friends who joined us, waiting on Scott to pick up the mini van (ha!)

Vin did really well on the plane rides, and luckily they were timed pretty close to his naps. He feel asleep on take off during our flight there, and had two naps. On the ride home, he slept almost an hour and a half. There were a few fussy moments, but nothing a sippy cup or toy couldn't fix. He also loves to people watch, which comes in handy when he needs a distraction.

Oh, how I already miss the 40 degree heat! It was hot, hot, hot in Phoenix-I loved it, Vin...not so much. I don't think he knew what to do with his sweaty little self. Luckily, we have a pool close by so we spent a few mornings there to cool down. And thank goodness for A/C.

Mornings were almost always dedicated to the babies' two hour nap time, but afternoons we were always on the go and I was able to let go of my strict ways and have Vin nap on the go too ;)
Both our little guy and our friends baby are the same age, and very close in nap time schedules which was a huuuuge help. I was also able to get Vince on the new time zone within 2 days-sleep win!

The afternoons were set aside for exploring and enjoying some neat areas that Arizona has to offer. We had a few trip repeats (like Jerome & Old Scottsdale) and some new ones (The aquarium! V's favourite)

 Old Scottsdale

 Jerome (Old mining town-with an amazing mexican restaurant!)
I used our stroller only a handful of times, and found our baby carrier was way easier to explore in. Although we did both suffer a little in the heat!

Freestone Park, Gilbert (Just down the road from our place)
Really cute little amusement park area, batting cages, trails and duck ponds

 "I can haz lettuce?"

Eating out with this guy is getting realllll interesting. He always wants what I am having, and will let everyone know when mom won't share ;) I can't complain, he really loves eating and will try anything.

Another fun thing happened on our trip-Vin is getting ready to crawl! He is starting to go through the motions, and while not moving forward yet, he can turn himself around in circles. I am sure I will regret saying this once he is roaming around and getting into trouble, but I can't wait to see him crawl!!!
We rented all our baby toys and gear from a local company-I would highly recommend it

All in all, it was a wonderful trip! It certainly wasn't the same as years past, but giving my son a new experience is something I wouldn't trade for all the pool lounging, day drinking and morning sleep ins in the world.

Off to Phoenix!

Well, we are off to Phoenix on our first vacation as a family of three!
Wish us luck! (as I will be doing my best to "go with the flow" ;)

Marty McFly: One Year

Our big guy is one! Well...almost 13 months (totally forgot about his birthday-story of my life. Baby comes first)

Marty is weighing in at around 57 lbs. We thought he would keep gaining, but this boy does not eat. Have you ever met a dog who doesn't care about food?! He is finally starting to annoy me in the kitchen, getting under my feet when I cook dinner. Only took a year.

To celebrate Marty's birthday, I took him to the local public dog park. This had scared me forever, as I have heard so many horror stories about dogs being attacked, but he was fine! Did great! Made so many new friends, and we have gone back a few times weekly since.

Marty is a real crazy goof, and a loveable mutt who loves his 'hoomans'. I feel so lucky to call him mine...even if he drives me up the wall most days! :)