9 Months

9 months old

You now have two bottom teeth! They are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Although the journey to get them here...definitely not very cute ;)
Teething is no joke, folks.

You met Santa at the mall. And hated it. But mom now has some hilarious photos, so it's all good

Still enjoying walks at the dog park, although it's getting a little less frequent with the colder weather. Poor Marty!

You have somehow outgrown all your 9 months clothes, and are now in 12 month sleepers. How did that happen?! Oh wait, must be something to do with all the food you love to eat. Cooking for you is a full time job, but lots of fun to see what your likes and dislikes are. I don't mind one bit.

Love you, little man

Happy Halloween!

I couldn't resist sharing these two photos that I took right before we hosted a babies halloween party.
"Rawrr"-I trained V to speak in Dragon for the party ;) Luckily he likes to imitate everything we say/do right now

It was absolute chaos having nine babies and mamas over for a few hours of dress up fun, but so hilarious to see all the little ones in costume. I had a little giggle after everyone left, vacuuming up feathers and pieces of little blue fluff (thanks to cookie monster).

Hope you all have a wonderful halloween!

Eight Months

I am prettttyyyy sure I just posted a 7 month update which means either

a) I don't post very often 
b) V is growing up too fast
c) all of the above

I'm going to go with c. Note to self: This has turned into a baby blog. I can't help it! This space was meant to be about my life and loves, and he is very much both those things right now. And always. 
I hope you guys don't mind ;)

Eight Months: 

Still waiting on that elusive first tooth. Although if today was any indication, it should be soon. There is a massive bump on his gum line and man, was he fussy. Is it bad his sad face is so cute and one of my favourite faces?

We both experienced our first colds of the season. We always seem to get sick after playdates, but I know how important it is to keep him socialized. Plus he loves to watch big kiddos so much! 

Celebrated Dad's birthday and Thanksgiving all in one go (as per usual). You loved your turkey dinner (as per usual-thi skid loves to eat!) Gobble Gobble #rollsfordays

Mom is working hard on putting together a play space for you upstairs. Stay tuned for a playroom reveal soon! (I can't wait-Designing kiddo spaces is my absolute fav)

Oh, and you swung on your first swing. And loved it. At least I think you did...you were too busy watching all the big kids play on the slides to smile for the camera. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Now gimme your pie