One Month

Month One:
Well, I can definitely say that this day snuck up on me! One of the funniest things about having a newborn is how fast and slow the days are at the same time. I feel like this first month just flew by, while some days it feels like foreverrrrr until my husband gets home and I can talk to someone without cooing and making silly faces :)

Besides the quick passing of time, what a fun month it has been! I love watching our little guy grow and change. My husband commented that every day when he comes home from work, Vince looks different. I don't disagree! One of the benefits of being at home with him is watching all these minute changes as they happen. His little personality is developing (seems quite calm and loving, but isn't afraid to let you know when he wants something!), and his strength and interest in the world also grows with every passing day.

I hope to never forget those little firsts...the first tummy time and head roll, the first smile, the first diaper blowout (a rite of passage?), and the first "aware" moment when he looks into your eyes and not just past your face. It's all so...interesting! You feel like such a proud parent every time they do anything (even toot-haha!)

This first month has also changed me in more ways than I was prepared for. The idea of slowing down and taking it easy has never come naturally, even while recovering from a C section. But every day I am learning to take care of myself and my little guy, and knowing that I don't have to "do it all". 

I promised myself early on that I can do one thing a day-even if that simply means laundry or housework, or a visit with a friend. It has made this transition much more manageable, although I can't wait for a little more freedom once I am fully recovered and get the hang of this whole motherhood thing ; )

Sweet baby boy

Welcome Baby Vincent!

We welcomed our little baby Vincent on Monday, February 23rd at 3:32am.
Baby Vince loves to be early for everything, just like his mama, and arrived 3 weeks to the day ahead of schedule.

We are so in love with our little nugget (he really is little-6 lbs 1 oz at birth), and are really enjoying the extra time we got to spend with him. He looks just like his Daddy, and is as sweet as can be.

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy.

Marty McFly : 6 Months

Today is this little (big) guy's 6 month birthday! I can't believe we have had him with us for nearly 4 months. He has come a long way quick. He no longer has stranger danger, but instead insists on 'calling' out to everyone he sees (Read: Crazy loud massive barking). He is just so excited to meet new Hoomans and doggy friends alike. With a little help from his trainer, he is starting to calm down enough to not terrorize everyone he sees. I am happy to report he graduated puppy obedience last week and is no longer throwing himself at moving vehicles. Good job, Marty...haha

I joke to my husband all the time that he wanted a dog with personality. Well, we got that...and then some!

His favourite toys are plastic bottles and dirty socks. Laundry days are impossible, and we never have matching pairs in our drawers.

Every morning when Daddy leaves for work, he does this crazy head tilting while listening to the garage door close, then whines like crazy. He sure is happiest when we are both around. 

Still tries sitting in my lap, which is near impossible at his 50lbs and my big baby belly. He always wants to be touching me, which includes nose butts just to let me know he is there.

He gives the best morning hugs, jumping up onto your shoulders and generously giving ear nibbles. Loves giving slobbery kisses too.

Walks are a favourite, and it is pretty funny watching him do his poodle prance down the street. I have nicknamed him my little show pony.

We love your crazy doodle personality, Marty McFly! Happy half birthday :)