Made :: Salt dough ornaments

Many, many years ago my mom handmade Christmas ornaments with my little brother and I.
It was too long ago to have any decent memories, but I am reminded of it every year when we decorate our tree. Being so young, they are not the prettiest ornaments (Trust me, my DIY skills have improved greatly!), and hanging them always makes me laugh.

This updated version is simple and very easy to make, a great craft for the kiddo's. I can't wait to start a new tradition of making this yearly with my future Little's.

{How-to after the jump}

Life, lately

 {Handmade ornaments for co-workers}

 {Dog sitting this old guy for a month-look at that regal grey beard!}

 {Christmas tree ready for decorating}

{Love my minty green Santa}

{Spotted Reindeer at the Christmas craft market-An annual tradition}

 {A little holiday cheer at work in the form of a girly pink tree}

{Favourite guilty pleasure-fresh blooms}

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Christmas gift guide :: For Him (Under $50)

The men in my life are the hardest to buy for. Ever!
I always ask for ideas, but all I ever hear is "I don't know" or "Socks". Since neither is a very good indicator or a nice gift, here is a simple gift guide to help narrow it down.

Most of these I would love to gift to my own hubby, but this year we agreed to a "No Gift's" clause with plans to take a trip somewhere hot instead. A nice trade off, wouldn't you agree?

Gift Guide for Him (Under $50)

I would love to know...what will you be buying your man for the holidays?
Happy Friday everyone!

Christmas gift guide :: For Her (Under $50)

The thought of busy malls on the weekends leading up to Christmas makes me cringe, which is why I tend to be an early (and online) shopper.

With the goal of having everything purchased and wrapped by the end of November, I can spend December doing the things I love: Relaxing by the fire at night with my husband, spending quality time with family and friends, and trying out a few baking recipes for sharing.

Here is a gift guide I put together to help us all out (featuring a few items I wouldn't mind myself!). Everything is under $50, and would make perfect little gifts for bosses, co-workers and girlfriends

Gift Guide for Her (Under $50)
{Click photo to Enlarge}

Winter ready your home

"The more we share, the more we have." —Leonard Nimoy #quotes

Having multiple creative outlets encourages us to grow, learn and most importantly, not take life too seriously! Those are the exact reasons I love to share my thoughts and experiences on this here blog.

I bet you didn't know that in addition to this little personal space, I also contribute to my employers blog. I work in the Interior Design center for a local builder, and get to meet and work with a wide range of clients, helping them design their dream homes. It inspires me and challenges me daily, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Writing for the company from a design standpoint is so fun, and I would love for you guys to check out my latest post: "Winter ready your home".

We have already experienced a few snowfalls here in Calgary, so I know I will definitely be implementing Tip #3 around my house.

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Design by Streetlight

My wonderful and talented friend Stephanie, is the creative lady behind Design by streetlight.
She paints the cutest little fashion illustrations, cards and even custom portraits!

Newly released is the 2014 Calendar:
2014 Calendar cover

I purchased the 2013 calendar last year while I visited her at a local craft show, and have gotten loads of compliments on it since. It currently sits at my desk at work, and I love how it dresses up my little corner office. It's a constant reminder to be chic and fabulous, just like the girls she illustrates!

2014 Calendar interior copy

Available at her online store for only $25, it makes a sweet gift for girlfriends and even co-workers who love fashion & art.

Check back next week for more gift guides I have put together to help us through the holidays!

Made :: Wine bottle Elves

My manager at work has challenged us this year to bring something homemade to the annual "white elephant" Christmas gift exchange.
Inspired by this idea, these are what I am bringing, along with some baked goodies.

I don't know too many people (or anyone?!) who would turn down a bottle of wine for the holidays, and these little guys make it that much more Christmas-y!

Taking about 10 minutes total, this is a quick and simple DIY.
Here is what you will need:

Indigo Holiday 2013

I am doing my best to get a giant head start on Christmas this year, but seeing all the holiday displays and hearing Christmas music everywhere, I can't help but feel a tiny bit of panic (Only 6 more weekends of shopping left! yikes!)

Have you seen Indigo's new holiday collection in stores?  I love it!
It is simple and sweet, rustic and glam, and has a bit of a vintage vibe.

Here are a few of my favourites, all available at Indigo online or in stores:

I already added these bubbly gold champagne glasses to my collection, and added the matching dessert plates to my Christmas wish list. So retro & girly-love it!

I would love to know, do you add anything new to your holiday decor every year, or stick to the tried and true?


Rememberance Day always serves to remind of the sacrifices our troops have made past and present so that we can live in (for the most part) a conflict free country.

With my Dad being in the military, Rememberance Day is that much more special to me. Not only do I feel proud to have grown up a army brat, it also makes me feel a little bit closer to him on this day (he currently lives in the U.S.)

It wasn't always easy growing up, moving around and having him gone for tours, but I am forever grateful of his and many others service.

{My Dad at Angkor Wat on a UN Cambodia tour in the 90's}

Inspired :: Black and White

Black and white is such a classic combination, and I have really come to love the bold contrast.

It can and can be used in so many different interior styles: Elegant, Minimal, Vintage and Farmhouse to name a few. I am especially loving crisp white walls with black interiors doors and window mullions.

With fashion, there is nothing more classic than a B&W striped tee. Or try a simple white shirt & black pant with a pop of colour in your accessories, and you have a cute twist on a classic pairing!

I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a little print mixing with what is currently sitting in my closet.

For the Home:

For the Closet:

Mixed prints-black & white for work

{All images via pinterest}

Day Dreaming: A place to call home

My husband and I recently purchased a new home in a Lake community of Calgary. We are really excited to embark on this new adventure, as we have outgrown our current home and it is definitely time to move on. I will miss alot of things about our current house (ie: living on Fish creek park, older neighbourhood, bungalow), BUT the new one is so much larger, brighter and a place we can slowly grow into.

I can't help but daydream about ways to decorate our new place. It will be a fun challenge for me to find the balance between all things classic & girly with a more masculine & contemporary touch for the husband.

Our house has a open main floor with a Living room, Kitchen and Dining at the rear of the house. Perfect for entertaining!
I envision lots of layered neutrals with textural elements, tone one tone, and comfy cozy.
Our house will have a classic "base" so that I can switch out colours and accessories as trends come and go.

Here are a few Living rooms that I am obsessed with as of late:

Loving the darker taupe with soft pink as an accent 
(so not going to happen if my husband has a say)

 Lots of layers brought in with textures to keep the beige palette from being too blah

Grey, Chocolate Brown and Taupe with purple accents

I love how the touches of black add masculinity, ground the room and create focal points

A great example of layering patterns in a room

Follow my "New house inspirations" Pinterest Board to see what else I am crushing on! 
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Made :: Felted Ombre Wreath

Last year I started making these felted wreaths as gifts for friends and family. I love a good DIY, and especially love the idea of a homemade gift. Man, I didn't think they would be so popular!

This year I have been so lucky to make & sell wreaths for friends looking to gift them to their own family members. I can't wait to hear how people like them!

After spending countless hours crafting, cutting and hot glue-ing, I am calling it quits for the year and want to share with you guys how to make your own!

(Tutorial after the jump!)

Inspired :: Blush Pink

As a lover of all things pink, I am excited this colour appears to be one of the "it" shades for Fall/Winter.

Although it can read sweet, this particular shade is the perfect compliment to darker palettes. Try pairing it with moody greys, blues and black for a fun & edgier twist.

Alternatively, Ivory, Tans and bright pinks are a fun way to soften the look overall.

I can't wait to incorporate more blush pink into my life.
For the Home:  

For the closet:

{All images via Pinterest}