Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours
Best wishes for a happy & successful 2015

I am welcoming this break with open arms and hope to indulge and sleep in as much as I can each day. (You hear that, Marty? Mommy wants you to sleep in past 5:30am. please?)
I have been having a bit of a tough time moving around these past few weeks due to pelvic and tailbone pains, so rest is a must. Doctor's orders!

I hope you and yours enjoy a really relaxing break as well and have a very Merry Christmas. And find the time to indulge in a Christmas cookie or two!  
(Really though, I recently baked a whole batch of shortbread just for myself. Oink oink)

Nursery Update

I've been trying to make the nursery and getting ready for baby a bit more of a priority these days.
Somehow I hit the 6 month mark this week, and it made me realize how fast the time is passing!

Time to get my butt in gear!!

 I am so in love with this bassinet from a friend. The birds are so sweet and match perfectly with my baby bird/owl theme. This will stay in our room for the first little bit until Baby (and mommy/daddy) gets a bit settled.

This cream owl stuffy was the very first thing I purchased when I found out I was pregnant. Seriously, I'm talking the day after. I just had to buy SOMETHING to make it all feel real.

I can't get enough cream and white in my life, although I am sure a newborn won't make this too easy on me! Mixing in a few gray and coloured pieces here and there should help.

 A few accessories waiting to be hung. Our dresser & crib won't arrive for a few weeks yet, so I am waiting until then to figure out where everything will go. There is a beautiful felt mobile just waiting to find the perfect home!

Ah, onesies. Finding cute, gender neutral onesies that aren't gray is an impossible task! I managed to find a few at Old Navy, Carter's and Toy's R Us and am on the lookout for more. Can't wait until this baby is born and I can go crazy with the pinks or blues ; )

Christmas DIY ideas

I love me a good DIY, and have been really itching to try something new! Unfortunately (I mean...fortunately!), being a puppy mummy takes up all my spare time right now, and DIY's have fallen to the bottom of my priority list in getting ready for the holidays.

Regardless, here are a few really simple projects that I have my eye on completing before the holidays are over!

This Woodland Wreath by Satori Design is simply stunning!
I loves the rustic simplicity compared to the Ombre Wreath DIY I tried my hand at last year
I have had this project pinned to my Christmas board for a few years now!
I absolutely love it
Every time I go into Michael's, I think about making it and just haven't committed yet
Next year, I promise!
How cute & simple is this Gift wrap DIY from A Pair and Spare?
It would be so fun for a children's gift
These mini tree gnomes from Better Homes and Gardens are so adorable
They remind me of a smaller version of the Wine Bottle Elves DIY I gifted last year
I think these little guys are at the top of my list for this year's DIY
What are your thoughts on holiday DIY's ? Love 'em, or Leave 'em??

Life, Lately

Can you believe it is already December?
I've been looking forward to this month for what seems like forever. My Dad is coming to visit (2nd time seeing him this year-spoiled!), and it will be our first Christmas in our new house and I hope the start of a few new holiday traditions.
The last time I saw my dad, I was about 6 weeks pregnant and got to tell him the news in person. It is a memory I will always treasure, considering we can go a whole year without visiting. He has been such a huge support system for me during my pregnancy. I think when he sees me in a few short weeks, my big belly will be a fun surprise!

Our weekends have been filled with tons of work lately (not to mention one exhaustion induced meltdown), so it's been fun to balance that off with a little relaxation and family time. Here is what we have been up to lately:

 Yesterday we spotted a cat outside in minus 30 degree weather. Luckily we were able to catch him and ended up bringing him to the Humane Society. I think he may have been a stray and suffering from frostbite. I sure hope he made it through the night! If we didn't have our hands so full with Marty, I would really have fought to keep the little guy

 Has anyone else started decorating for Christmas? I November ; )
I had an idea in my head of a DIY project for our front hall/railing and and really happy with the way it turned out. I will share it here soon!

 Nursery planning is in full swing! I always find it helps me to sketch things out. I have so many ideas in my head, but find it hard to commit to any one thing or vision/theme. 
I am a huge lover of all things decorating, I can't wait to create a fun nursery for our little one! 

 Speaking of little ones...Here is big brother Marty! I can't believe how big he is getting. 
Up to 25 lbs now at 14.5 weeks (he was 9 lbs when we picked him up)
Such a character (read:Brat)

 We spoiled ourselves and bought our Christmas gift early-a 60" TV for the bonus room. 
Since we started dating, we have always loved watching movies together. 
Here is Marty watching his namesake in Back to the Future
(Can you believe I had never seen this before?)

 Every sunday we take Marty to "Puppy Party". 
12 puppies in one room for an hour is absolute chaos and hilarious. 
It wipes him out for days

Scott's Grandpa turned 90 (!) last week and the whole family celebrated with steaks at Caesar's!
It's not often the whole group gets together, so it is really special when it does happen
Even more special if I can talk Scott into taking a photo ; )

Fall family photo session

In October we met with photographer extroidinaire Brendan Nogue to take a few family photo shots.
Missing are our parents/half the family! Both my parents now live outside Alberta, so these photos will be doing double duty as birthday and Christmas gifts for them both :)

It's not often I get to hang out with my little bro, even though we both live in the same City. I had so much fun between him, my husband and Brendan-as you can tell from our goofy smiles!
Scott always teases me about my 'fake smile' in photos, so I was really pleased to see the genuine happiness & fun times Brendan was able to capture!

Our new House - Decor update

We've been in our new place for almost 2 months. What a whirlwind! Shortly after we moved in, we took off on a vacation to Phoenix and shortly thereafter welcomed Marty into our lives.

I haven't had as much time to decorate as I would like (Umm, puppies keep you busy!), and I have a long to-do list that I am sure will take me into the New Year (I'm looking at you nursery).

It's hard to keep our house tidy with Marty running around, so I took advantage of a rare quiet time to snap some photos on my Ipad. 

Here is our progress so far!

 Dining room

 Buffet/Dining Room

 Living room
I am debating if the TV wall is too bare.
I was thinking of adding frames to either side to balance it out
Thoughts anyone? 

 Kitchen. We hung new pendants and a Dining room light-love them!



 Half bath. Debating painting this room a darker grey/taupe

 Half bath-still very girly like the original showhome design

 The empty. Looking forward to going crib shopping this weekend!

 Master Bedroom. Needs some 'fluffing' :)
Debating a sunburst mirror above the bed, or hanging antique prints from my parents 
on either side above the nightstands. Or both?!

 Bonus room...all ready for some winter cuddling with the fur blanket
But first...a TV!

 Aforementioned puppy in a rare moment of peace and quiet. Sleeping under the couch

Typical Marty moment-up to no good!!

Meet Marty McFly !

On October 25th, we picked up this little rascal from the airport and have been in love ever since!

He is keeping us on our toes, but after a week I think it's safe to say we are all settling in to one another.

Marty is a Bernedoodle-Bernese X Standard poodle. We chose the Bernedoodle because of our love of Bernese Mountain Dogs (short life span).  These guys are really smart, kind & loyal and make awesome family pets with kids. They are also low shedding and fairly hypo-allergenic.

We are not too sure how big he may get as some previous litters have been anywhere from 50-75lbs by 7 months. His paws are pretty big, and he is very clumsy if that is any indication. At 10.5 weeks he weighs 11.5lbs.

He is such a sweet boy, loves to be held upside down and give little puppy kisses. Morning time is play time and his favourite activities are playing ball and chewing on my clothes.

I will be sure to share more photos...if he ever slows down long enough to take some!

Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester (20 weeks)

Photo by the super talented Brendan Nogue Photography

As I write this, I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and baby is kicking away-we have officially hit the half way mark. Crazy!
Time has flown by and I can only imagine it will continue to speed up as we get closer to the due date.

The photo above was taken at 17 weeks by our good friend and photographer, Brendan Nogue, as part of family photos I had done for my moms birthday. We have done a few sessions with him over the past few years, and they are always so much fun and create the best memories. I highly recommend his talent!

Without further is my second trimester pregnancy update

How far along: 20 weeks and 3 days

Weight gain: 1 pound to date. Which is funny, as Baby is weighing in at almost a pound. My doctor says babies are like parasites and take what they need to keep themselves healthy and happy.
So no concerns, apparently! I am sure I will balloon up at the end ;)

Baby size:  Approx. 10 inches crown to heel (size of a Mango, length of a banana according to the many apps out there)

Maternity clothes: Purchased some maternity leggings and one pair of jeans. Hallelujah! Normal pants sit in just the wrong spot and make for a very uncomfortable day. All my tops and dresses tend to be a bit blousy and still all fit.

Growing Pains: Lower back pain has been bothering me lately. Yoga seems to help.

Sleep: Not great lately. I blame that on our new puppy and 3 am potty times, not the baby (More on puppy soon!)

Least favourite moment:  Forgetfulness! I feel like such a dummy, I can't remember the simplest things and keep getting appointments and dates mixed up.

Favourite moment: Feeling the baby kick for the time. Such a neat feeling! We were in Phoenix on holidays laying at the pool, and I took a sip of pop and POW! there it was. It felt a lot stronger in that first week (week 16), and almost felt like tapping or poking. Now it's a little less noticeable, and feels more like a rolling sensation.

Miss anything: Nothing lately. Life is so full and busy, it's hard to stop and think what you are missing out on

Movement:  Tons! (See above favourite moment)
Mostly at night and the early morning. Baby loves to kick after any sweets-orange juice, apples, candy-but not chocolate. Also gets feisty when it hears the puppy barking.

Food cravings: Sweets, like fruits, smoothies, candies. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sickness: None.

Moods: I thought I was doing pretty well, all things considered, until my husband made a comment that the first trimester was a bit touchy-haha. Looking back, I definitely had a few moments but all is good now.  

Looking forward to: Decorating the nursery, getting into a pre-natal clinic (the one I had hoped for is fully booked until April 2015!), Introducing puppy and baby in a few short months! Our new pup met our friends 3 month old and loved her. What more can you hope for?! :)

Baby butt & leg at 19 weeks

Nursery Inspiration

We are officially a few weeks into living at our new place and absolutely love it!
I keep saying it feels like living in mansion, moving from 800 sq ft to almost 1800.

There are still boxes in every room, waiting to be unpacked. As I slowly make my way through them, I keep reminding myself of my "reward" once I am done the other rooms....tackling the nursery!
But that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming!

Since we are not finding out the sex, I want a very soft and completely gender neutral nursery. The walls are currently a soft yellow-green, which will remain the same. Accent colours will most likely be in greys and taupe's to match the rest of the house.

The "theme" will be birds and baby owls, and I am already scheming up a few DIY's to personalize the space. Can't wait to share how it turns out in a few months, but in the meantime, here is my inspiration board:

Bird Mobile: Etsy
Prints: Etsy
Stuffy: Indigo
Owl lamp: Urban Barn

Book Club

This book club post is going to be all guessed books!

Before we started trying, I picked up a few books to get a head start on "research" (Can you tell I am Type A, or what?). Here are a few of the books I have read before and during my pregnancy so far.

A friend lent this book to me when she found out I was expecting, and I have to say it is really neat! It goes day by day (obviously) with neat facts, medical info, what to expect and photos of the developing fetus. It's fun to pop open every once in awhile, to check in on what your baby is up to :)

This is a book that another mommy friend recommended to me. I had a few questions and was generally interested in learning more about breastfeeding, so I picked it up. I have to say after reading a few chapters, it isn't for me.  It definitely leans more towards the natural, at home birth method and exclusive breastfeeding tone (which is fine, but sometimes came across as preachy). I stopped reading the book after it mentioned how wild animals lick their babies clean and that human mothers should do the same. Um, No thanks ; )

These are hands down my favourite Pregnancy and Baby books. I picked up the pregnancy book before I was expecting and devoured it. I love that it comes from a very practical, medical standpoint and never felt preachy, or 'too much information' at all. Some pregnancy books can almost be a little alarmist with all the information they throw at you. Not the case with this one.

Personally, I am a bit more easy going about the pregnancy side of things than the thought of raising a tiny human, so the "Baby's first year" was a great start to feeling a little more prepared. It has been a huge help in learning more about what to expect that important first year. I know I will refer to it often once our kiddo arrives

This one is for my other baby on the fur baby!
Bernedoodles are a relatively new dog breed, and this Canadian breeder has so many fun stories and great tips on how to care and raise them.

Can you believe our little pup arrives in less than 2 weeks?! I am SO excited

Life, Lately

And just like that...we are finally in!

We spent last weekend moving into our new home. It went surprisingly well, thanks to my awesome mother in law, some helpful friends and our POD rental.
I won't mention that I lost our Dining room table bolts after being entrusted with them, and keeping them safe for two whole months, only to have them turn up the day I ordered new ones. Funny how the universe works. 

Oh, and purchasing some of the showhome furniture really made a difference in not having to lug around the heavy stuff!
For that I was especially grateful.

Here are a few photos from our move:

Welcome Home! Exhausted but happy :)

 Scott purchased a 'Bed in a box' online. Literally a mattress rolled up into a small box. 
I made so much fun of him for it, but it is so, so good! Like...the best mattress ever.

 Let the decorating fun begin!

 Love me a white kitchen

Baby bump selfie (4 months)
Can I just say that it's insane how I can wake up and not look pregnant and go to bed looking super preggo! In the bumps defense, I did have pizza for dinner ;)

 Super happy to not be living out of boxes anymore

There you have it! The next few weeks (or months even) will be spent organizing and unpacking.
I can't wait to get started on decorating to personalize our new home!