On our way...

...to the land of sunshine, pools, outlet malls and In N Out burger!

This vacation is much needed and a long time coming. We booked many months ago and I have been counting the days ever since!

See you soon! Hopefully with a tan :)

Strawberries & Cream Cake

It's no secret I love to bake. But...baking can feel a bit like a chore, instead of a fun hobby, when pressed for time. Or let's face it, if you're just feeling lazy.

That is why I am not opposed to using store bought ingredients to make a quick and delicious dessert.

I "made" this cake over the weekend for our lovely friends who invited us over for dinner (Shout out to Julie!). After finding the perfect angel food cake recipe, and then realizing I didn't have the proper cake pan (not to mention separating 16 egg whites and beating them foreverrrr), I decided to abandon the gung-ho baking plan and purchase a store bought cake instead.

I followed this Kraft recipe, adapted it by using cream cheese, and added red food colouring to the whipped topping to make it a light pink shade.

This dessert is so easy to make, around ten minutes start to finish. The addition of orange zest in the cream adds a citrus-y freshness. Great for the warmer weather ahead!


Life, Lately

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to film a segement for "Jayman Home Experts", which will air on Global TV Calgary. I was a little nervous before the filming started, but the team from Global was beyond awesome and encouraging.
I had so much fun! I mean...look at that facial expression! Pure terrified bliss, haha.

I feel very grateful to have a career that I love, keeps me on my toes and provides such fun opportunities like this one.

You can check out the rest of the Home Experts video's on YouTube here.

I will be sure to share the final version. Stay tuned!

Famous floor plans

I came across this on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and thought it was so neat.
Floor plans drawn to scale of famous TV show apartments!

After growing up with most of these TV shows & movies, it is so fun to see them re-created in plan view.

Chandler & Joey / Monica & Rachel from FRIENDS
Sex and the city-look at that closet!
Breakfast at Tiffany's-My favourite movie
Check out the rest of the floor plans here (Including the Simpsons)

Spring memories

Spring 1988-Picking flowers from the garden

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Well, any season other than winter can be considered a favourite. You can feel a change in the air, as corny as it sounds. The days start to stretch a little bit longer, and you just start to feel...lighter.

One of my favourite spring memories is a family vacation to Kimberly BC, during Easter holidays. Instead of our typical egg hunt in the backyard, we woke up in a hotel to small eggs hidden around our room.

My parents also bought us each a gift. Mine was Hollywood hair Barbie. Best gift ever.

My Dad toured us around the quiet little town. I was enamored with the clock tower and it's cute Swiss design.

The whole drive home I listened to my favourite tapes on repeat on my yellow Walkman-Meat Loaf, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson. I was obsessed!

I think part of the magic of the seasons changing, vacations and special occasions come with being a kid. You are open & impressionable, and everything out of the norm feels that much more special and exciting.

So here's to being a little more like the kid you once were...enjoying the little things, relishing the big, and stopping to smell the roses.
(Or Pansy's in my case)