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 Bee in my Tree. It feels like Spring is finally here to stay


I have big news...we sold our house!
It's taken us by surprise, as it wasn't even listed for sale.

Last weekend, I was reading on our patio when a couple walked by and we struck up a conversation. They had just been looking at a house for sale in our area, and had a few questions about the condo association, fees, etc. I mentioned we would be listing in a few weeks, and promised to email them some photos of our house (Our hot water tank had quit that morning, so Scott and his Dad were busy fixing it-the house was a mess).

They must have liked the photos, as they came back the next day to view it in person AND made an offer the very same night. Crazy!! Seriously, we feel pretty blessed. 

We are patiently waiting for all the conditions to be removed (knock on wood & fingers crossed) for the sale to be final. Which also means we have to get our butts in gear to pack and move!
There is still no possession date on our new to the in-laws basement it is.

My attitude as of late: Just roll with it

Wish us luck as we embark on our new adventure. I am looking to the future with a smile on my face, knowing that in the end it will all be worth it!

Celebrating with pink bubbly

Book Club

One of my favourite ways to "treat yo-self" is buying a new coffee table book. Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Biography's, Interior Design-I love getting a glimpse into another world and gather inspiration for my own.

Kelly Hoppen is such an inspiration for me when it comes to design. She effortlessly layers neutrals, and her spaces have a clean, calm yet luxurious feel. Her books are full of tips on creating colour palletes, how to display items properly and with impact and how to layer textures.

Stunning, right?

The second book is another source of inspiration for me. I love, love anything to do with Coastal design-so fresh and relaxing with crisp whites and watery blues. I'm not a nature type girl per say, but something about being near the water will alway speaks to me.

I would love to know...What's your favourite "Coffee Table" book?

Hair Salon Design

I thought I would share a special project in the works...Designs for a hair salon!

My wonderful hair dresser (and cousin in-law) asked for my help in putting together some inspiration for starting her Salon business at home.

Originally she mentioned a palette of black & white with chrome accents, but once we got started it completely evolved and changed...Calm & Serene, taupe, white and brown accents.
Pops of Tiffany Blue!

I can't wait to get my hair did, kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of our labour!

 Salon area:

Client Lounge area: 

I feel so fortunate to do what I love and to help others create a space of their own! 
If you need a new hair stylist...let me know-she truly is the BEST

Phoenix Botanical Gardens & Zoo

On our trip to Arizona mornings were spent tanning and relaxing at the pool, followed by a quick shower, then...what?
Once we got our fill of outlet shopping (I'm talking multiple trips, people), we started to explore a little. Two of my favourite afternoon activities were to the Botanical Gardens & the Zoo.

Little did we know the gardens were also featuring a glass art exhibit. It was beautiful!
The bright coloured blown glass looked stunning against the desert landscape.
It was definitely a lovely surprise.

My favourite "plants" are cacti & succulents. I was in heaven looking at all these different varities!

The gardens also featured a butterfly exhibit. It was so weird to walk in and have butterfly's fluttering an inch in front of your face. If you stand still long enough, they will eventually land on you.

This was my favourite piece-pink and polka dots

Scott dubbed this the Secret Garden.

The Phoenix Zoo! It was a hot hot day, and most of the animals were sleeping. I did manage to catch a few who were awake.

Loved feeding the Giraffe's! I have a fun memory of doing this in BC when I was younger as well.

This guy.

If you are planning a trip to Phoenix & area anytime soon, I also recommend checking out Olde Scottsdale. A neat little place to walk around, check out the shops, and has the best gelato!

Travel :: Phoenix, AZ

Our trip to Phoenix was just what we needed. It was mostly spent relaxing and lounging at the pool, but we did manage to get out of the house a couple of times to explore. I think we had the perfect balance of both!
We did tons of shopping (so many good sales), ate tons of yummy tacos, and also had a drink or two ;)

 Caught the sunset on our flight there

 First night dinner at one of our fav local bars, Dos Gringos. Feeling the heat!

 One of my personal favourite things is liquor at the grocery store. 
Which now includes adult Capri Suns!(Booze included)

 Palm trees never get old!

 Attempt at a selfie. Awkward

Walk around the clubhouse

 Tried so many delicious restaurants. I am 99% certain I ate Guacamole

  I scored his/hers "Mexican" blankets from my favourite little store.  Perfect for chilly nights.
I use Mexican loosely because I highly doubt their authenticity at $6 each

Soaking up the sun at the pool on our last day. Plus 30 y'all!

That's our trip in a nutshell. Stay tuned for photos from our day-tripping adventures!

Home Experts & Global TV

Hello! I am happy to report we are back from vacation, feeling relaxed and mellow, and do in fact have some nice tan lines ; )

It wasn't too fun to go from plus thirty in AZ to snow and cold in YYC, but what can you do...
I did take lots of photos from our trip that I can't wait to share, but in the meantime I have something else equally as exciting (to me) to share with you!

My Jayman Home Experts video that aired on Global TV!

Above are some screenshots, but you can view the entire video here if you didn't catch it on TV.
I can't bear to watch it, except on mute, haha! Luckily fo rme the air time was while we were on vacation.

I had so much fun filming this, the crew from Global was so nice and professional. What a unique and lucky opportunity!  #lovemycareer

Let me know what you think!