Daydreaming :: Backyard Oasis

One of my favourite features when we stumbled upon our current home was the private patio out front. Many condos & town homes we looked at only had small balconies, or nothing at all.

Even though this house was in pretty bad shape (mostly paint and decor related), the patio views were amazing. It overlooks a wide green space and is steps away from Fish Creek Park. The patio itself was a huge mess full of random rocks, a shoddy water feature made of a kiddie pool and a crazy overgrowth of plants.

We spent a long time weeding & secretly throwing those rocks into fish creek after dark to make it what it is today. I also like to think it was part of what sold our place to the new owners, as it was where we struck up our fated conversation :)

 Our patio last summer

I am going to miss this little patio of ours, but am very excited to tackle a bigger yard next summer! 
Luckily there is already sod and a bit of landscaping in place, so we can really focus on making the space our own. 

Here are a few inspiration images I have been gathering in the meantime

 Raised planter beds Via

 Deck Screen for privacy Via

 Grilling S'mores ; ) via M loves M

 Fire pit Via

Hanging succulents (Photo taken on our visit to Phoenix)

First day of summer

 Happy first day of summer!

 Clematis at my M.I.L's backyard

This time of year is so fleeting, and I really want to slow down and enjoy the warmer weather and all the happiness that comes with it! 

Inspired by one of my favourite blogs, I put together a wish list of sorts for summer.

Eating / Outside! Salads and BBQ dinners
Drinking / Homemade Sangria
Practicing / My drawing skills. It's a hobby I desperately want to get back into
Mastering / Calm. This is me to a 'T'
Learning /To slooooow downnnn
Trying / for patience. The move countdown is on. Which means PUPPY!!!!!!!
Playing / With Charlie the dog. Love spending time in the grass with him
Finishing / Packing. With a looming deadline
Reading / Less magazines, more books. Magazines feel like such a waste of money and space
Remembering / That life doesn't only exist in the burb's. Spend more time downtown & the Lake!
Wearing / Dresses. All day, everyday
Cooking / Homemade popsicles. Minus the cooking part
Working / In the yard. Again, my mother in law is the best. I need to pick up a few tips
Traveling / To visit my Dad. It's been over a year since I have seen him. Miss him lots
Wanting / To do more yoga. Namaste ;)

What is on your wishlist for summer?

Countdown is on!

Only a few short months left until we move in to our new house. Hooray!
My life right now seems to be one big blur of moving boxes, so please excuse me for not paying much attention to this little space of mine :)

Here are a few images that I have been absolutely loving lately and plan on using as inspiration for decor. Lots of layered whites, creams and touches of blue!

 Style at home

 Style me pretty

 Style me pretty 

Home bunch

Father's Day


I want to wish my Dad a very happy Father's Day! I miss you!

Being in the military, it's only natural to get 'posted' and having to move. We were lucky enough to remain in Calgary for the majority of my growing up, but then my dad got posted to Ontario and moved away the week after my wedding!

I have spent almost every easter or a few days in July visiting my Dad out East. Last year he was posted to Colorado and the countdown is on for our next visit. It's been over a year since we have seen each other!
It's hard being so far away, especially now as I get older and really start appreciating the special relationship between Father's & Daughters. I am really looking forward to catching up, watching movies, pub beers and moutain walks :)

Love you, Dad.