Calm & Serene Condo Design

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of putting together designs for a woman who had just moved into a newly built condo.
The condo had beautiful riverfront views, a stunning white kitchen and her great taste was evident throughout the home. All she needed was a little push in the right direction to finish off the Living room, Bedroom and Ensuite. Seriously a dream to work with!

I created a soothing palette of ivory, taupe and hints of blue. Using different textures (think silks, linen and velvet) added visual interest and small touches shine created contrast.

 Living room design
We kept the existing cognac leather couch and chairs, 
and only needed to add accessories to tie it all together. 

 Master Bedroom
Again, mostly accessories including new bedding and a new reading chair. 
I loved her existing painting and pulled colours for the bedroom from it.

White on white tile and cabinets with touches of black for contrast. 
This space was a stunner!

The best part of this design is that I could totally see myself living in it!
I loved a good mix of neutrals and a timeless, slightly feminine design. 

Beautiful Colorado Springs

Hi there! So, that was a longer than planned break.

Since I checked in last, we have officially finished packing, moving out (thanks to Steve and Deb for the moving help), moving in (in-laws basement) and I also squeezed in a visit to the US to visit my Dad.

I had been a year and a half since I had seen my Dad, what felt like forever. He was posted to Colorado Springs from Kingston when he accepted a job with NORAD. It was so nice to see him, and hang out just the two of us.

We spent the whole trip taking day drives and exploring all that Colorado has to offer. It definitely rivals Alberta (and even bears some resemblance to Arizona) with it's breathtaking views and scenery.

I don't think it will be my last visit...

 Garden of the Gods

 Helen Hunt Falls

 My Dad's favourite view, down some random sketchy road

 Pikes Peak 14,110 ft. 
The scariest drive up a mountain, full of switchbacks with no gaurdrails

Happy to be far away from the edge. I hate heights!