Fall family photo session

In October we met with photographer extroidinaire Brendan Nogue to take a few family photo shots.
Missing are our parents/half the family! Both my parents now live outside Alberta, so these photos will be doing double duty as birthday and Christmas gifts for them both :)

It's not often I get to hang out with my little bro, even though we both live in the same City. I had so much fun between him, my husband and Brendan-as you can tell from our goofy smiles!
Scott always teases me about my 'fake smile' in photos, so I was really pleased to see the genuine happiness & fun times Brendan was able to capture!

Our new House - Decor update

We've been in our new place for almost 2 months. What a whirlwind! Shortly after we moved in, we took off on a vacation to Phoenix and shortly thereafter welcomed Marty into our lives.

I haven't had as much time to decorate as I would like (Umm, puppies keep you busy!), and I have a long to-do list that I am sure will take me into the New Year (I'm looking at you nursery).

It's hard to keep our house tidy with Marty running around, so I took advantage of a rare quiet time to snap some photos on my Ipad. 

Here is our progress so far!

 Dining room

 Buffet/Dining Room

 Living room
I am debating if the TV wall is too bare.
I was thinking of adding frames to either side to balance it out
Thoughts anyone? 

 Kitchen. We hung new pendants and a Dining room light-love them!



 Half bath. Debating painting this room a darker grey/taupe

 Half bath-still very girly like the original showhome design

 The nursery...so empty. Looking forward to going crib shopping this weekend!

 Master Bedroom. Needs some 'fluffing' :)
Debating a sunburst mirror above the bed, or hanging antique prints from my parents 
on either side above the nightstands. Or both?!

 Bonus room...all ready for some winter cuddling with the fur blanket
But first...a TV!

 Aforementioned puppy in a rare moment of peace and quiet. Sleeping under the couch

Typical Marty moment-up to no good!!

Meet Marty McFly !

On October 25th, we picked up this little rascal from the airport and have been in love ever since!

He is keeping us on our toes, but after a week I think it's safe to say we are all settling in to one another.

Marty is a Bernedoodle-Bernese X Standard poodle. We chose the Bernedoodle because of our love of Bernese Mountain Dogs (short life span).  These guys are really smart, kind & loyal and make awesome family pets with kids. They are also low shedding and fairly hypo-allergenic.

We are not too sure how big he may get as some previous litters have been anywhere from 50-75lbs by 7 months. His paws are pretty big, and he is very clumsy if that is any indication. At 10.5 weeks he weighs 11.5lbs.

He is such a sweet boy, loves to be held upside down and give little puppy kisses. Morning time is play time and his favourite activities are playing ball and chewing on my clothes.

I will be sure to share more photos...if he ever slows down long enough to take some!