Farewell, 2015!

To say this was a year of personal change for us would be an understatement.
In 2015 we bought a new home, sold our first home, brought home a puppy and welcome baby Vincent into our lives. All within 5 months of each other. Whew! 

I am so fortunate in that I have a wonderful, supportive husband who has been my best friend since high school (13 years. How did that happen??), a super sweet baby boy who is almost 1 (!!), a crazy and affectionate (and crazy some more) teen aged dog and a beautiful place to call home. Throw in a few trips this past year, and I don't think we could have done any better.

This past year also saw me growing personally and professionally in my career. I love to create beautiful spaces to call home and my workplace has given me that amazing opportunity. I truly find joy my job/career/passion and miss it everyday I am on maternity leave.

I am not too sure what 2016 will hold for us, but I know that no matter what journey we take, I already have everything I will ever need and my heart is very full.

2015-oh, what a year!

Farewell, 2015. You were a good one!

Cheers to the New Year everyone!
~Meagan, Scott, Vince & Marty

Farewell for now, and Merry Christmas...!

I had planned on a few more posts before Christmas....but we are heading away for a few days to this magical place, so it will have to wait

Amazing, right?!

We definitely won't be experiencing a white Christmas this year, but that amazing view certainly makes up for it. I can't wait for V to see the ocean for the first time. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas surrounded with love and laughter.

Office Organization

When I was little, my parents had a "junk drawer" in their kitchen just crammed full of stuff. I am sure this is not at all uncommon in most households. But being the type A organizational freak that I am, that drawer always irked me. You could never find what you were looking for! Need a pair of scissors...nope, here are ten elastic bands and a bunch of take out menus instead.

This is the exact reason it bugs me even more that my own house lacks a junk drawer....we have a JUNK CLOSET, folks! Embarrassing.

 Nice and neat on the outside

 Giant black hole of stuff on the inside

My husband and I actually got into a small argument over printer ink the other day. We were out, and he swore I picked some up the last time I was at Costco. I said nope, and we proceeded to search the closet and came up with nothing. I win. 

Just kidding, it had fallen behind one of the storage containers. Husband wins. 

I hate nothing more than being proved wrong, so I knew something had to be done! I remembered something I saw on pinterest awhile back, and ran down to our local Walmart to snag some closet organizers and bins. I think the grand total for these items was $40.

Voila! All better! 

All the items to the left are my design/work things - Sketch pads, architects scale, paint samples, business cards, thank you notes etc
The smaller hanger holds all my fun stuff - Christmas cards, paint supplies, stamps, gift bags and tags, tissue paper
The holder on the right houses all our techy stuff - printer and photo paper, ink, chargers etc

 Wrapping paper and large gift bags are now stowed neatly thanks to this cute, striped bin

I love how easy and inexpensive this little project was, and how accessible all our supplies are now. No more arguments over printer ink in my future ;)

Activities around the City! (Free)

I have been wanting to share this resource for awhile, as I am sure we all have those days where our calendar is wide open and you wonder what you can fill your day with. My simple answer used to be a very enthusiastic "Shopping! Coffee dates! Yoga! Nothing!", which is not as simple now with a little one to keep entertained.

Side note...Have you ever tried to attempt a yoga at home video with a 9 month old and a giant 65lb 1.5 year old nosey dog? Not happening.

I put together this reference list for myself as an encouragement to get out and explore all our city has to offer, and give V a change to explore & learn, as well as meet new friends! This particular list is of FREE activities. I will also share a few soon of other activities-Paid and Seasonal.

P.S-My list features lots of activities in south Calgary, as that is closest to home for us, but I am sure all quadrants have something similar. 

FREE kiddo activities:
Calgary Public Library – Pick out books and Large play areas (Fish Creek library has an awesome huge play area). There are also free registered classes but they fill up quick!

 Photo via Calgary Herald

South centre Mall - Kiddo play area

 Photo via calgary playground review

Calgary Farmers Market (Play area & yummy food)

 Photo via Calgary Farmers Market

Playgrounds...and the Auburn Bay “Secret” Park - Auburn Bay has no shortage of parks, I live in walking distance from at least 3. But the closest one is the best one! It is tucked away in a quiet cul de sac, has a rubber base (no chewing gravel rocks), and is almost always empty! Guess it's not longer a secret ;)

Nature walks in Fish Creek - One of my favourite things to do, especially in the summer and fall, is to drive down to Fish Creek and take a long walk. It doesn't hurt that Annie's ice cream and bakery is close by. 

Dog Parks - Another favourite activity of ours is frequenting dog parks. Our super energetic Bernedoodle would agree it is time well spent. Luckily for us, there is one close by, but there are tons of other free parks located all over the city.

Splash Parks - The city also has no shortage of splash parks available in the summertime. Alot of private communities around the city also have these amenities (Auburn Bay & Mahogany to name two in the south). I can't wait to try them out this summer. 

So there you have it, a list of free activities to do around the city with your kiddo. I am sure there are tons and tons more I am missing-care to share?!

Finishing Touches

Overall, I would say our house is 98% done. Although...being a designer & home decor enthusiast, it almost always feels like a space is never quite complete! I am constantly re-evaluating and storing what we already own, rearranging everything and every now and then adding new items into the mix.

There are a few spaces in our house that need just a little extra-that finishing touch. Our bathroom being one of them (seriously...how does one finish decorating a bathroom? Less is more I imagine). And our home office is most definitely the other. One half of the room is now dedicated to V's play area (reveal soon, I promise!), and the other half is dedicated to a giant computer screen and a mess of wires. Cute, right?

Here are a few items I have my eye on to add a little pretty and help to finish off the space.

For the Bathroom: 

 Loving these honeycomb wall shelves for above the toilet

This taupe and white striped bathmat  would tie in our white, grey and taupe bathroom perfectly
(PS-Zara home is having a 30% off black friday sale today!)

These Monogrammed dishes would be the perfect spot for all those random earrings and bobby pins

Vanilla is my all time favourite scent, and this beautiful opal candle makes a great steal at 40% off!

For the Home Office: 
Our home could use a little extra greenery, and this plant hanger makes 
the cutest vessel for a small potted succulent.
(Possible DIY project...hmmm...)

Being organized is so important (especially now with a baby in our lives)! 
This dry erase calendar will help me keep track of all those future play dates ;)

I recently took down the dark, heavy curtains that came with our house and am now in need for a lighter, brighter option. I love the subtle blue and grey tones of this pair. These are a close second.

A little inspiration for the home and a new addition to the design reference library

9 Months

9 months old

You now have two bottom teeth! They are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Although the journey to get them here...definitely not very cute ;)
Teething is no joke, folks.

You met Santa at the mall. And hated it. But mom now has some hilarious photos, so it's all good

Still enjoying walks at the dog park, although it's getting a little less frequent with the colder weather. Poor Marty!

You have somehow outgrown all your 9 months clothes, and are now in 12 month sleepers. How did that happen?! Oh wait, must be something to do with all the food you love to eat. Cooking for you is a full time job, but lots of fun to see what your likes and dislikes are. I don't mind one bit.

Love you, little man

Happy Halloween!

I couldn't resist sharing these two photos that I took right before we hosted a babies halloween party.
"Rawrr"-I trained V to speak in Dragon for the party ;) Luckily he likes to imitate everything we say/do right now

It was absolute chaos having nine babies and mamas over for a few hours of dress up fun, but so hilarious to see all the little ones in costume. I had a little giggle after everyone left, vacuuming up feathers and pieces of little blue fluff (thanks to cookie monster).

Hope you all have a wonderful halloween!

Eight Months

I am prettttyyyy sure I just posted a 7 month update which means either

a) I don't post very often 
b) V is growing up too fast
c) all of the above

I'm going to go with c. Note to self: This has turned into a baby blog. I can't help it! This space was meant to be about my life and loves, and he is very much both those things right now. And always. 
I hope you guys don't mind ;)

Eight Months: 

Still waiting on that elusive first tooth. Although if today was any indication, it should be soon. There is a massive bump on his gum line and man, was he fussy. Is it bad his sad face is so cute and one of my favourite faces?

We both experienced our first colds of the season. We always seem to get sick after playdates, but I know how important it is to keep him socialized. Plus he loves to watch big kiddos so much! 

Celebrated Dad's birthday and Thanksgiving all in one go (as per usual). You loved your turkey dinner (as per usual-thi skid loves to eat!) Gobble Gobble #rollsfordays

Mom is working hard on putting together a play space for you upstairs. Stay tuned for a playroom reveal soon! (I can't wait-Designing kiddo spaces is my absolute fav)

Oh, and you swung on your first swing. And loved it. At least I think you did...you were too busy watching all the big kids play on the slides to smile for the camera. 

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Now gimme your pie

Baby Food

I'll admit, when it came to switching gears from solely bottle feeding to introducing solid food, I felt a little lost. Luckily our local hospital has a great free course on starting solids-and you are more than welcome to bring your little one! The course was great on learning the basics, like what foods to start with, types of textures, how to prepare the food etc. But...after we started rice cereal and runny puree's I was left wondering...now what?! How can I make this interesting and fun for my little guy (and for me, too!)

Enter Baby Foode. Hands down the best baby/toddler cookbook and blog I have stumbled upon.
There are so many great suggestions and pairings I would never think of, including adding spices and herbs to make things more exciting and flavourful!

We just introduced dinnertime meals as a family which are my absolute favourite. I love that Vince can share in what we eat (typically salmon, chicken pieces, veggies, soups and sometimes that ground beef he loves so much). I just can't wait for the day he learns to feed himself so this mama can finish a hot meal for once!

Typical Breakfast: Mashed banana with cinnamon, greek yogurt with peach puree, and raspberry

Another great help was the book Baby Led Weaning. While I don't like to subscribe to any one thought or style of parenting, I did value the book and it's suggestions on how to teach your little one to explore food and to self feed. In between purees and small mashable solids, I also like to give V the chance to feed himself something new. This usually means long pieces of whole fruit and vegetables.

Chomping on a watermelon 'finger'

I know the book has been very helpful to a few of my girlfriends with babies Vince's age who are just not that interested in puree's on solids as of yet. It's been a great way to introduce their kiddos to food with low stress for everyone involved :)

Seven Months

My main man turned 7 months on our first family vacation !

V is around 16 and a bit pounds now. Loves his 'solids', and is eating food 3x a day. Mostly chunky purees right now, but at dinner time he eats what we eat. His favourites are any type of fruit, sweet potato, plain greek yogurt and he goes wild for ground beef.

He is also getting ready to crawl, and can travel in a little circle on his belly but hasn't figured out how to move forward yet. That's ok...I'm not quite ready to baby proof anyways :)

I *think* he is cutting his first tooth, as sleep has been pretty disrupted lately and the drool and lip biting is constant. Annnnd sleeve chewing, can't forget that one haha.

I am really looking forward to celebrating our first thanksgiving together this weekend and V tasting his first turkey dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

I also can't believe it's almost been a year since we brought this turkey home. Love him. Even if his nickname is the crazy Marty party...

P.s-I took these for our Christmas cards (yes, I know I'm early. I like to have it all done by November!) and am really happy with they way they turned out!

V's first vacation

Can I just say how travelling with babies is no joke? We had so much STUFF! One person walked by us in the airport and asked if we were moving.  It took two airport carts just to load everything up. Phew.
 With our friends who joined us, waiting on Scott to pick up the mini van (ha!)

Vin did really well on the plane rides, and luckily they were timed pretty close to his naps. He feel asleep on take off during our flight there, and had two naps. On the ride home, he slept almost an hour and a half. There were a few fussy moments, but nothing a sippy cup or toy couldn't fix. He also loves to people watch, which comes in handy when he needs a distraction.

Oh, how I already miss the 40 degree heat! It was hot, hot, hot in Phoenix-I loved it, Vin...not so much. I don't think he knew what to do with his sweaty little self. Luckily, we have a pool close by so we spent a few mornings there to cool down. And thank goodness for A/C.

Mornings were almost always dedicated to the babies' two hour nap time, but afternoons we were always on the go and I was able to let go of my strict ways and have Vin nap on the go too ;)
Both our little guy and our friends baby are the same age, and very close in nap time schedules which was a huuuuge help. I was also able to get Vince on the new time zone within 2 days-sleep win!

The afternoons were set aside for exploring and enjoying some neat areas that Arizona has to offer. We had a few trip repeats (like Jerome & Old Scottsdale) and some new ones (The aquarium! V's favourite)

 Old Scottsdale

 Jerome (Old mining town-with an amazing mexican restaurant!)
I used our stroller only a handful of times, and found our baby carrier was way easier to explore in. Although we did both suffer a little in the heat!

Freestone Park, Gilbert (Just down the road from our place)
Really cute little amusement park area, batting cages, trails and duck ponds

 "I can haz lettuce?"

Eating out with this guy is getting realllll interesting. He always wants what I am having, and will let everyone know when mom won't share ;) I can't complain, he really loves eating and will try anything.

Another fun thing happened on our trip-Vin is getting ready to crawl! He is starting to go through the motions, and while not moving forward yet, he can turn himself around in circles. I am sure I will regret saying this once he is roaming around and getting into trouble, but I can't wait to see him crawl!!!
We rented all our baby toys and gear from a local company-I would highly recommend it

All in all, it was a wonderful trip! It certainly wasn't the same as years past, but giving my son a new experience is something I wouldn't trade for all the pool lounging, day drinking and morning sleep ins in the world.