Marty McFly : 5 Months

Our "little pup" is now a very solid, very large pup at 5 months old! So large, in fact, I have to constantly remind people he is a puppy. Apparently he hit puberty early, and has now found his *very deep* voice. He loves to talk to strangers, especially kids, which can be quite hilarious but frightening for them I am sure.

Marty weighs over 40lbs, and I am loving his size right now. We laugh when we get asked how big he can get. No idea...he could get up to 90lbs! Oi. We think more in the 70lb range, although I don't mind one little bit if he hits 100.

My husband and I have always been huge dog lovers, growing up with multiple dogs as family members, and having Marty in our lives has been so fun. He gives us something to bond over, something to laugh about and something to work at every single day. Life with a puppy can be challenging, but I know all the hard work we are putting in will pay off when he is older. And hopefully wiser and really well behaved.

We have been working with a trainer on basic obedience, which Marty has proven really good at so far. We even won a game of musical chairs the other day, where you couldn't sit until your dog listened to your 'sit' command. He must know how much mommy loves to win-haha.

With all our obedience wins, there have also been some losses ie: Lunging at moving vehicles on walks. Not fun being 8 months pregnant, waddling down the sidewalk with your exuberant dog and all of a sudden he tries to get himself hit by a car. We meet with our trainer tonight to work on that. Hallelujah

First off leash park experience. It is completely fenced in, and you rent it by the hour. 
A great way to introduce pups to off leash

Tired pup from all his socializing

I know. I am a crazy puppy mommy. I always knew this day would come, and I don't feel one ounce of shame.
I can only imagine how exciting and challenging our lives will become in a few short weeks with the arrival of Baby Lamont. If it is anything like the love and obsession I have with my puppy...that baby is in trouble ;)

Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

 Photo taken over Christmas holidays

As I write this update, I am currently just past the 30 week mark which means less than 10 weeks or so left. Which means only a few weeks of work and time to prepare....Whoa. 
Where does the time go?!

How far along: 31 weeks

Weight gain: Roughly 16 lbs. I imagine I will hit the 25 lb range by the end of my pregnancy, if not more. The weight is coming on steady now and I am definitely feeling the effects of carrying those extra lbs around. 

Baby size:  Approx. 16 inches. My app has the photo of a pumpkin for comparison. Not cool! haha

Maternity clothes: I am still able to fit in most of my pre-pregnancy tops and dresses (hooray). Leggings and slouchy sweaters are my day to day uniform around the house. I find 'normal' leggings fit, just tucked under the belly for a better fit. I have also slowly been adding more casual pieces to my fancier work-heavy wardrobe to get ready for days of spit up and dirty diapers.

Growing Pains: Lower back pain is still really bothering me. I have also been having shooting pain in my groin, which the doctor assures me is normal, just due to my pelvic growth and the cartilage rubbing together. Ouches.

Sleep: Ok most nights. I wake up a lot more now thru the night. As I get larger, it gets harder to find a comfortable sleep position. Even rolling over takes a mass effort!

Least favourite moment:  Said pelvic pains. I stupidly spent a work day on my feet for 7 hours straight and the pain was so intense I thought I was going into labour! Not something you want to mention casually to your husband while cooking dinner. 

Favourite moment: Planning my baby shower with my Mother in Law. She knows me so well to let me plan it for her ;) I love party planning!

Miss anything: Boooozeeeee, haha. Honestly, the holidays were a bit tough with everyone around me enjoying their bevvies. I can hear that glass of red wine calling my name at the end of the finish line.

Movement:  A lot less movement overall (not much room to move?), but when it does kick at night it shakes the whole bed. So crazy

Food cravings: Still sweets-but unfortunately of the chocolate and candy variety. I was really hoping to stay healthy-ish thru my pregnancy, but it is so hard to say no to those darn 5 cent candies and late night ice cream!

Sickness: Came down with a cold over Christmas. It's lasted 1.5 weeks and is still going strong. I wonder if it has to do with the "no meds" rule? I have also been suffering from anxiety attacks, due to some recent family issues. I really hope that remedies itself in the coming months.

Moods: Pretty irritable if I have little sleep, but overall I am doing pretty good. Overall, I think the energy levels are just low, which makes for a quieter mood and wanting to stay in/at home. I get small bursts of energy every once in awhile which help get stuff done!

Looking forward to: Finishing our nursery (almost done now), Birth & Babies class and my maternity photos & shower weekend in February!

Nursery photo frame DIY

Back in the Fall I purchased a frame set from a show home sale. I loved the rustic simplicity of it, but had no idea what I was going to do with it. When we started decorating the nursery, I realized how perfect it would be as a focal point above the crib or dresser.

Initially I had thought to leave the frames empty, and just fill the larger middle frame with our baby's initial. It wasn't until my Mother in Law handed me down my husbands baby belongings that my idea turned into something more!

I absolutely love how it turned out! It was a simple DIY, as the entire frame was already assembled, but you could easily replicate it with a set of frames (matching or not) to create a Gallery wall type display.

Paint brush
Mini Clothespins (Purchased at Michael's)
Paint (I had a few on hand already, and went with a mix of pastels to keep it gender neutral)
Hot glue gun

Super easy. I simply painted the clothes pins, arranged my display items to see how many pins I would need. Hot glued them to the frames, then hung it in the nursery!

 Husbands baptism vest and hand knit booties

 Choosing the placement. Trial and error! 
I am excited to fill a few of the spots with our own babies keepsakes once it is born

 Baby Buster Brown shoe. So cute
Family photo & Baptism hat

The finished product! I absolutely love it!

I had so many little DIY's planned for our little nursery, but I am so in love with the simplicity and uniqueness of this one that I think this is all I need :)

I can't wait to share more progress of the nursery as we get closer to the due date. Nursery Decor has got to be one of the most fun spaces to design!

Apple Crisp Recipe

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a relaxing holiday spent with family and friends :)

Mine was spent exactly that way, minus the relaxing part. No matter the year, no matter who is in town or how we spend our Christmas, it always seems so hectic and busy. But that's all apart of the fun I suppose!

I made this Apple Crisp for dessert at the family dinner we hosted this past Christmas eve. 
Not only was it super simple and quick to make (and delicious of course), the aroma that filled the house while it was baking was to die for. Nothing like the smell of freshly baked dessert!

It was so quick and easy that I forgot to take photos of the finished product before serving (oops).
I can't believe I haven't made Apple Crisp before this, and will definitely be adding it to my list of go-to desserts.