Marty McFly : 6 Months

Today is this little (big) guy's 6 month birthday! I can't believe we have had him with us for nearly 4 months. He has come a long way quick. He no longer has stranger danger, but instead insists on 'calling' out to everyone he sees (Read: Crazy loud massive barking). He is just so excited to meet new Hoomans and doggy friends alike. With a little help from his trainer, he is starting to calm down enough to not terrorize everyone he sees. I am happy to report he graduated puppy obedience last week and is no longer throwing himself at moving vehicles. Good job, Marty...haha

I joke to my husband all the time that he wanted a dog with personality. Well, we got that...and then some!

His favourite toys are plastic bottles and dirty socks. Laundry days are impossible, and we never have matching pairs in our drawers.

Every morning when Daddy leaves for work, he does this crazy head tilting while listening to the garage door close, then whines like crazy. He sure is happiest when we are both around. 

Still tries sitting in my lap, which is near impossible at his 50lbs and my big baby belly. He always wants to be touching me, which includes nose butts just to let me know he is there.

He gives the best morning hugs, jumping up onto your shoulders and generously giving ear nibbles. Loves giving slobbery kisses too.

Walks are a favourite, and it is pretty funny watching him do his poodle prance down the street. I have nicknamed him my little show pony.

We love your crazy doodle personality, Marty McFly! Happy half birthday :)

Baby Shower Fun

It`s been a busy few weeks around these parts! As work winds down, I find my social calendar ramping up! Not that I mind, especially when it is to celebrate our little one on the way :)

My mother in law hosted a beautiful baby shower for me, which my mom flew out for and my Nana even made an appearance! It was so special for me to be surrounded my all my friends, feeling all their love and support. I am truly grateful to have such a strong network of women in my life. No shortage of mommy advice either, which is amazing for this first timer.

Special thanks to Jamie who snapped these photos AND spent 45 mins texting with me the next day about bottles, soothers and microwave bags while I stared helplessly at the endless selection at Babies R Us ; )

Love you all!! XO

Maternity Photos

Just last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Erin of Erin Brooke Photography.

She is the best friend of a co-worker of mine (who is also on mat leave!), and she was so amazing and chill to work with. Having two little ones herself, she told me some funny stories of mommy-hood and gave me some great new mom advice.

When imagining my maternity photos, I knew I wanted to keep them indoors, preferably in our home. It is where our babe will spend it`s first few years, and this house has already seen us through so much in 6 short months. Our little home means so much to me.
Oh, and no mushy, corny belly kissing shots (sorry husband. Not that he minded).

I love how the photos turned out-soft, romantic and classic.
Erin has some serious talent!

We are getting so close to the end...only 4 more weeks or so until Baby arrives.
Getting excited to meet him or her!