Two Months

This little nugget of mine is two whole months! My, how time flies!

So much has developed in the past month. He is now full of smiles and coos, and I am (not so) patiently waiting for his first giggle. I caught one in his sleep a few weeks ago, so I know he is on the verge of sharing this ridiculously cute noise.

Two Months:
Vin...I love the way you look for daddy's face when you hear his voice. And the way you grin from ear to ear when we tickle your chin. You love being held by your grandpa, and are especially calm for him.

Night times are pretty good-a solid 6 hours of sleep a night. You now sleep in your crib at night. I miss you at my bedside, but I know this is helping us all to sleep more sound. You are one noisy little bug!

You love to play with your rattles, to hear them shake and vibrate. And I know your puppy brother is waiting for the day you will play with him, and not just frown when he attacks your little body with kisses. Marty loves to sleep outside your nursery, and on the rare occasion I forget to close the door, he finds his way to your crib and stands guard throughout the night.

There is so much love for you in this house.

Decor Updates

Here are a few decor updates to our home from the past little bit. I love to shop around for fun new accessories every once in awhile. It's a great way up updating your space to make it feel fresh-especially great for spring!

 Front Foyer
Basket, Mirror & Buddha: Home sense / Vase: Urban Barn / Side Table: Showhome sale item

 Dining Room
Sideboard, Lantern & Basket: Home Sense / Runner & Vases: Pier One / 
Tea light holder: Urban Barn / Table & chairs: Crate & Barrel / Dining Light: Robinson 

Living Room
Rug & Coffee table: Urban Barn

Still needing those blue pillows!

 Tray: Urban Barn / Coasters: Anthropologie / Candle: Indigo

Keeping all of Vince's soothers in that little blue box help me out when
I am in seach of the tiny things!

 Frames: Indigo / Watercolours: Sarah Swanson Design 

Love the beautiful cookbook from my little brother, perfectly matches my kitchen :)

Our very long, very empty hallway between our room and the Bonus room. 
I would love to get started on a gallery wall here. 
Thinking of painting it as well...either dark grey/taupe or a blue-ish grey. 
What do you think??

"Mom" hair

I recently chopped off all my (very long) hair, and to save it from being...well, "mom hair", I have been making a concentrated effort to style it every day. I found the longer the hair, the easier to ponytail or to air dry and it was just feeling so blah!

Enter this video.
Love how short hair can be cute & casual, but still stylish. Definitely giving this style a try soon!

Speaking of mom hair, does anyone else feel like they have a "mom uniform"? Read: Black leggings. I lived in those bad boys during my pregnancy. Time to give them up, I think.

Trying to get back into the groove of things and get back to looking (and dressing!) more like myself!

Dining & Kitchen Lighting

A few months ago a friend approached me to help her in the search for new lighting for her home. She was in need of new dining & kitchen lighting, as well as options for the foyer/entry and master bedroom. 

Her home is gorgeous-especially the kitchen! It has a massive island with two tone cabinets, off white and dark espresso. It's a bit more on the traditional side (love it) so the lighting had to mix the traditional style (oil rubbed bronze does the trick) with a touch of rustic (Edison bulbs for the win). 

Here is what we came up with!

She ended up going with the bottom left above the extended island, the bottom right in the dining room, and the middle light for her foyer.

I'm a huge fan of mixing metal tones and textures, and I think these lights accomplish just that. I love them all! Especially the dining light, but I might just be a little biased on that one ; )

Besides accessories and paint, I find new lighting to be the easiest way to switch up a space.
What do you think...would you consider switching out your lighting to breathe new life into your home?

Nursery Tour

The last time I posted about the nursery, I gave a small tour of a few items I had started collecting. It wasn't anywhere near being completed!

Fast forward a few months...welcome baby boy and a finished nursery.

Currently the room is unused at night, as we all share space our bedroom. Vince has a little bassinet tucked beside me for quick cuddles at night. 
I will miss him once we transition him to his crib (which he does nap in), but certainly won't miss those loud baby snores and grunts in the middle of the night.

Woodlands theme :)

  My collage wall-mixed up since the last time I shared it
I have since added a few new items, including my hospital bracelet and a photo of proud papa!

 Fun fact-I bought the V right when I found out I was pregnant. 
 I knew it would be a V for boy or girl :)

 Book ledges, complete with an already chewed on stuffy compliments of Marty

 The most used area of the room!

 Our latest addition-a handmade wooden growth chart 

 When this is lit up at night, the swirls actually project tiny V's on the wall-too cute

 This toy was my Dad's when he was a kid. 
My grandma sent this in the mail to little Vin as a welcome gift

I absolutely love this space! I am excited to watch the room evolve and add a few more little boy touches now that he has arrived.