Three Months

This little monkey is 3 months old! Officially a baby, and no longer a newborn.

I am really enjoying this stage, he has personality for days and smiles at everyone he meets. I love watching his little mouth trying to make words. Baby coo's are just about the sweetest thing I have heard. And baby rolls are probably the cutest thing I have seen.

He is a very calm and happy baby, has no problem being held by anyone-even strangers. Just takes it all in. He's not afraid to let me know when he is bored and wants someone to play with, though!

Sleep is going pretty well for the most part (I think?!). The longest stretch we get is 8 hours (7:30-3:30am). We even once went from 7:30-5:30am-I woke him up because I couldn't believe it!!! And I panicked. #newmomproblems

I have tried "dreamfeeding", but it didn't make any difference. I find I am happy as long as I get a solid 6 hours at night. Black out blinds and a noise machine help,  as well as a consistent bedtime routine! We love reading to our little guy, and he seems to love it too.

Happy, non sleep deprived mom=Happy wife ; )

Mothers Day

My first Mother's Day! I was so looking forward to this, as there will never be another "first.
We spent the day all together as a little family, cooking breakfast, going to the dog park...which was so great as Dad was out of town for a few days. (I am happy to report the puppy and baby went easy on me that night-thank god).

Scott bought me a gift card to the spa for Mother's Day. Which is funny because all I have talked about since we had Vince was how badly I need a pedicure :)
Vince came 3 weeks early, and the monday (the day after he arrived) I was booked in for a full day of pampering-massage and pedicure! It never happened...haha. Not that I can complain! I got this little nugget instead

I enjoy being a mom SO much, more than I ever thought was possible. I was telling Scott the other day, I thought it was kinda funny that all the women in our birth class cried during the sharing of their birth stories. When it was my emotion, just the story ; )
I am not normally a overly emotional person. But these days, I find myself crying happy tears every time he looks up and smiles at me, coo's, grabs my hand, reaches some little baby milestone. I am so proud to be his mom. And it makes me a sappy, happy mess!

I love love love this photo! He was so proud of himself and it shows in his big grin! Love that little man.

Life, Lately

Here are a few photos from what we have been up to lately!

 We have been working really hard to sell my Dad's little rental property in Mckenzie. 
We were unsure of what would happen with the current sold the same day as listing for full ask! Woo!

 Said Dad, AKA Grandpa, meeting his first grandchild. Too cute. 
Vince was not so sure about that deep voice. 
Probably the first time I have seen him frown so much haha!

 Our first official date night! 
(Cirque du soleil)
So much thanks and gratitude to our friend Julie for babysitting! 

 The girls from my birth and babies class have been getting together almost weekly for outings. 
This was taken in Fish Creek, where we all met for coffee and a stroll. 
10 moms and babes with strollers in tow...!
It's been really nice to meet those ladies and get together to chat about mommyhood

 I sent this to a fellow mommy friend after she posted the same photo on facebook. 
Because at the end of the day...sometimes you just have to unwind with a glass of wine (or three)

 Me and my guy! This was our first dinner out with the little one. I had hoped he would nap, but he did me one better and was wide awake the whole time and not a peep! Just took it all in. 
Super grateful

 After two full days of sleeping and not eating much, a smile! Those vaccines really conked him out. Glad he is back to his little smiley self.

These two crack me up. Marty constantly wants to play, and Vince is not having any of it. 
One day ; )