Four Months

4 months! is my baby almost half a year old?!

I am absolutely loving this age. The interaction is so fun-the talking, the hand grabbing, the hair pulling. They really do seem to understand what's going on around them and want to be a part of every moment.

I also feel like V will roll over any day now! When I put him down at night, he wakes up 180 degrees turned around his crib (he flippers his legs around like crazy at night). Not looking forward to giving up the swaddle, but as my girlfriend reminds me-they have to learn sometime!

We get a solid 9 hours straight most nights, and have had the ocassional 11 hour nights-amazing! I can't tell you how good it feels to sleep again...if only I wasn't checking the monitor every hour from 4am to 7am in disbelief, haha. 

The weather has been amazing lately, and I can't wait to get outdoors with my little man more. Now we just need to tell him to slow down a little, it's going by way too fast!

 These two always make me laugh. Marty loves being center of attention and can't be left out!

The spit bubbles are unreal. It's his favourite way of communicating-growling, gurgling and spitting. Such a boy ; )

Marty McFly: 10 months

Somehow in the hustle and bustle of bringing home a baby...(4 months ago) 1st born is almost ONE! I can hardly believe it.

He has changed so much since I last shared an update, and I would love to say it's been for the better. Let's just say that if tempermental, hormonal teenagers are hard parenting work-dogs at this age are no exception!

Marty has seemingly forgotten all his puppy training and commands overnight. We are working hard at reinforcing it, and he still sees a trainer on a regular basis. I am loving a private 40 acre dog park outside of calgary right now, it really helps to get him to focus and burn energy.

He is still as sweet as can be, and loves to cuddle and now jumps up and grabs waists to give 'hugs'. I can only hope he comes out the other side a settled and well behaved guy ;)

He got his first haircut about a month ago, looks like a real doodle now

Still has the most ridiculous facial expressions. More than once people have suggested there is a human living inside a muppet suit-that's Marty!

Jacob.Grace Designs

I wanted to share my friends new business-Jacob.Grace Designs. I first met Melissa in Junior high, where we became friends. We lost touch in the years following, but recently got back in touch as we are now living in the same community just blocks away from each other.

Melissa has 3 (adorable) kids, and all were born premature and spent time in the NICU as a result. She created this business as a creative outlet, and created the 'small and mighty' tee to raise funds for the NICU to show her support. The collection is super cute and on trend! And I am so excited she has finally added onesies to the shop ; )

Here is Vince in his arrow onesie, looking pretty stinkin' cute!

I love being able to shop local, and even better when we can support our friends and important causes at the same time!

Life, Lately

Lately I have been all about getting outside! We have been blessed with some pretty awesome weather and I want to take full advantage.

It can be a bit tricky to find the balance between a little guy who naps a ton in the day, and wanting to get out of the house! I can't wait until he is a bit older so we can get out more and explore for longer periods of time. I am still sticking to my "one thing a day" rule I made for myself when Vince was born, which means he gets one nap on the go. Sorry bud! As long as we are home for the first and last naps of the day, he seems to be doing great at night!

We finally splurged and bought a new patio set, and set up our pots for the summer. Next year we will focus on the larger landscaping projects. But for now, our backyard is a little oasis I can sneak out to during naps. I love it! Vince loves being outside too, watching the trees and Marty running around-just takes it all in :)

This is us at the lake last weekend...29 degrees and PACKED! I had fun walking Vin around in the water, he really seems to enjoy water (bath time too). We also filled the hot tub at my in-laws house and plunked him in-so adorable and he loved it.

We purchased this sun tent and it is so awesome! I use it at the lake, in the backyard-anywhere really. Great for naps and keeping little babe out of the sun.

Let's hope this beautiful weather keeps up!!