Five Months

My little nugget is 5 months old! I feel like I always say this, but this is my favourite month so far. He has really discovered his voice and loves listening to the sounds that come out of his mouth. Loves it even more if we imitate him. It is so cute to watch him talk himself to sleep on the monitor.

V loves his jolly jumper, although he hasn't quite figured out it's for jumping. He tries so hard to walk towards me when I sit on the other end of the kitchen (the JJ is on our pantry door). Or he just twirls around and stares at the shelves. Probably reminds him of the grocery store, his other favourite activity ; )

Sleep is going well-about 8-10 hours straight at night, feed, then back to bed. Not going to lie, the interrupted night sleep for the past 5 months is starting to catch up to me...but at the same time I feel like I am used to it? Welcome to life with a baby :)

We officially booked our first vacation-Phoenix in September. Vince will be almost 7 months by then. I think it will be a great age for the trip and am really looking forward to some family time.
I just hope he's a natural with travel!!!

Spicy Tuna Melts

One thing I have struggled with since having a baby is preparing meals.
Don't get me wrong, I still cook dinner most nights (with the occasional pizza night thrown in ;), but I find that the time I have to actually spend on our meals is drastically shortened. I used to spend alot of time in the kitchen and have fun experimenting (hello handmade Gnocchi). Now, I have about half an hour to cook while Vince has his last nap of the day, and usually do all my prep work throughout the day. Because of this, I am always on the hunt for healthy and delicious meals that are also quick and easy.

I recently picked up the Calgary Cooks cookbook for my mother in law, and while flipping through it spotted the Spicy Tuna Melt recipe from Vendome Cafe. I love tuna, and anything covered in cheese is a win in my books! They were super easy and quick to prepare, and make for great leftovers too!

Spicy Tuna Melt:

Mix 1 can of white flake tuna with 1 cup Mayo, 1tbsp chopped red onion and 1 tbsp chopped celery. Add 1 tsp Siracha and salt and pepper to taste. Cut 1 fresh baguette lengthwise (I cut mine into individual servings), and top with tuna mixture. Top with grated Cheddar and Gruyere.
Put oven to Broil, and place on lower rack to melt cheese and warm tuna-approx. 5 minutes.
(I finished up on the top rack to make the cheese a bit more crisp)

Life, Lately

Summer fun!

A few weeks ago, I made a list of some things I can do to get out more with my little one this summer. Happy to report, our days have been filled with trips to the lake, lots of family time, visits with friends, zoo trips and more.

I am really looking forward to a trip to the Saskatoon berry farm this week with the wonderful ladies from my birthing class-I have been wanting to go forever! Perhaps I will pick up some berries and get around to some can only hope.

My best friend is in town this week from the states, and I cannot WAIT to see her and catch up. She only comes one or twice a year, so we try hard to cram in some quality time together :)

 Canada day cuteness with the fam. Thanks to our friends Steve and Deb for the BBQ!

I this not the cutest little cowboy around?! Stampede is in full swing here in Calgary. Sadly we are sitting this year out, but can't wait to take Vince to the Rodeo next year.

P.s-If you live in south calgary, check out the new Italian grocery store-It's amazing! And they have the best little cafe

Have a wonderful week!! It's going to be a hot one!!