Off to Phoenix!

Well, we are off to Phoenix on our first vacation as a family of three!
Wish us luck! (as I will be doing my best to "go with the flow" ;)

Marty McFly: One Year

Our big guy is one! Well...almost 13 months (totally forgot about his birthday-story of my life. Baby comes first)

Marty is weighing in at around 57 lbs. We thought he would keep gaining, but this boy does not eat. Have you ever met a dog who doesn't care about food?! He is finally starting to annoy me in the kitchen, getting under my feet when I cook dinner. Only took a year.

To celebrate Marty's birthday, I took him to the local public dog park. This had scared me forever, as I have heard so many horror stories about dogs being attacked, but he was fine! Did great! Made so many new friends, and we have gone back a few times weekly since.

Marty is a real crazy goof, and a loveable mutt who loves his 'hoomans'. I feel so lucky to call him mine...even if he drives me up the wall most days! :)