Eleven Months

 I feel like this one crept up on me. Christmas...New Years...massive organizing and cleaning purge that comes after a new year, then bang! 11 months old!

Eleven Months:

Vince, what a fun month this has been with you. We started swim lessons two weeks ago, and you were very hesitant at first. Fast forward the next week and you were an all star kicker and splasher. This is so telling of your personality. Even when we visit friends houses, and like to sit in my lap and watch quietly until you get comfortable enough on your own-then off you go! You are a little shy and reserved, but very loyal to those you know and like, just like your mama.

You started crawling after months of trying, and it just so happened to be in the ten minutes after mom left the house for a cooking class. Sneaky boy! Dad was happy to catch it all on video. Since then, you are very deliberate in your movements. No speedy crawler for us. Marty's toys and bones are proving to be the best motivation to get you going.

Your favourite toys are the dishwasher, and any sort of TV or Iphone cords you can get your hands on. You love to crawl over to Marty and poke him on the nose gently, or touch his giant paws. You both seem to get a kick out of each other, always interested in what the other one is up to, which is really neat to watch.

Mom can't wait for your 1st birthday party, and for you to see your Grandpa for the 1st time since you were 2 months old. All the decorations have been picked...just the cake needs choosing :)

Happy 11 months, sweet boy!

Fruity Baked Oatmeal

Finally! A baking success worth sharing. Just kidding...I've still been baking (mostly cooking) lots since going on maternity leave 11 months ago, but the truth is the past 5 months or so have been spent in the kitchen working on puree recipes, fingers foods and now finally some share-sies foods! 

This "eating stage" of Vince's is definitely my favourite. Mostly because I can make some fun things that we can both share, and it forces me to take the time to sit and have a meal with him 3 times a day. I never used to eat lunch, just would snack throughout the day, and now...I eat lunch. And usually a healthy one at that!

Since Vince is all about the self feeding these days, I wanted to figure out a way to still incorporate oats into his diet that would allow him to enjoy it himself, without me spooning it into his messy little mouth. Enter baked oatmeal! 

I loosely followed this recipe, but used homo milk instead of almond, quick oats instead of old fashioned, and didn't bother with the topping as directed. Instead, I lined the bottom of my dish with a bit of butter, sliced bananas sprinkled with cinnamon. I stirred raspberries and blueberries into the oat mixture, and topped it all off with extra berries and some unsweetened coconut.

So good! 

Top it with some greek yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I promise you won't be disappointed ;)

Favourite Design Blogs

Have you seen Domino Mag's list of best design blogs 2016?

It's no secret I love interior design as well as blogs, so I was really happy to see a few of my personal favourites on this list. Especially fellow Canadian-Jacquelyn of Lark & Linen! It's been inspiring to watch her design business & website grow. Her recipes and DIY's are something else too!!

Photo Source: Lark and Linen

Here are a few of my personal favourites that didn't make the list: 

Elements of Style - One of my top go-to blogs. Erin is a new mama as well, and it's been fun to follow along on her journey of balancing her career and baby. Doesn't hurt that she has a best seller book as well! 

Moth Design  - Erica is a fellow Calgarian, Interior Designer and mom of 5 (!) boys. Her home is so stunning, and I love how often she switches up her decor. Fun fact: She used to work with Sarah Richardson.

Flourish Design & Style - Another Calgarian (seriously, we are home to some pretty awesome designers) who 100% validates my love for all things neutral.

Peppermint Bliss - I have been following Bailey's blog since the very beginning and she is so.much.fun. It's amazing to see how she grew her business from e-designs to a full home decor store and custom bedding line. 

So, there it is. My list of most loved/read design blogs. Some serious inspiration hiding in those links ;)
For me, I love to get to know the person behind the website, you know? I love browsing some seriously beautiful spaces, but it means that much more knowing a little bit about the person who created it. 

I would love to know....are there any you would add to the list?

The BEST jeans

Seriously. These are the BEST jeans!
I have to share this little find...

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of skinnies as the ones I bought post partum are too big around the waist, and the ones I wore pre-pregnancy are a bit too low for my newly found "curves" (ha!).
I ordered these on a whim after boxing day when they were marked down to $25. I really didn't expect much, but after trying them on after they arrived - wow! The fit is super flattering, with a mid-rise waist (this post partum belly still needs a little help some days) which helps keep tops looking streamlined. I hate it when you can see jean waistlines under tops!

The rinse is perfectly dark with a subtle fade. Easy to dress up or down. The ankle length is so so good for someone who is shorter and doesn't want to hem pants. Honestly, these jeans rival some of my more expensive pairs in my closet. And for under $30, what's not to love?!

Ten Months

This smiley little nugget turned 10 months old while we were away at Christmas! I can't get over how much older and toddler-like he is looking now. Must be all that hair.

10 Months:

Vin, Vince, Vincey, Prince, Peanut, Pea-nutty buddy (random, I know). What a goof you are!
It is so fun to watch you grow and learn. Although you seem to have developed your moms #1 personality trait-impatience! You want to be on the move so badly, but haven't quite figured out how to pump those legs.
You are loving trying to pull yourself up on any and all pieces of furniture. Mom is really regretting buying the solid glass coffee table as it is covered in tiny handprints.

You got 4 top teeth on our trip away-4! That makes a total of 6.
You are obsessed with eating (especially fruit and fish), and pack away 3 large meals, two snacks and 3 bottles a day. We wonder where it all goes and still can't get over our large grocery bills :)

Pointing, waving "bye-bye" and clapping are some of your favourite things to do with us.
Swimming lessons start soon, and we can't wait.
Your 1st birthday party planning is well under way and Mom is very excited to bake you a cake. Family is coming from all over and can't wait to celebrate with you.

Love you, my happy little boy.

2016 Intention

Photo taken in Bowser, BC - Christmas day 2015

Are you the type to set resolutions or goals in the New Year? Typically, I am not. I just feel that it can be a bit daunting to write down all the goals and aspirations for the year, only to reflect at years end to see if you "made it" or "did it all". 

Instead, I like to try and choose a certain word or attitude to focus on for the year- an intention if you will. Sort of like in yoga, where you set your intention for your practice. That idea has always resonated with me more (although I do love to make lists). 

There are alot of unknowns and changes on the horizon, which I think go hand in hand with any major life event (New house, Baby, taking a break from your career, Family, etc) and I am slowly trying to teach myself to go with the flow a little bit better...to let go of what I cannot control. And to be gentler on myself if things don't go the way I plan them in my head. I have also been dealing with a few health issues since I gave birth, and I have been really hard on myself about it. "Why can't I just be better?", "Why me?". So going forward I am really trying to concentrate on getting stronger and healthier-body and mind.

I am reminded of one of my favourite songs "Let it be" by the Beatles. 

Yeah, there will be an answer...let it be...

Don't force it, just let it be.