Life, Lately

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile. Well...I haven't posted anything in awhile!

The past *almost* 3 months have seen a few changes around these parts. Mainly, my return to the full time workforce. I bow down to all the working parents out there, as it has not been the easiest transition.
But if we are honest, staying at home with a baby or toddler is not easy either. So, really, let's just bow down to working parents and stay at home parents in general.

I read a funny quote the other day "Be kind to whoever you meet, you never know if they have a toddler at home". 

 Trip to the zoo - Butterfly Gardens

 Love to wave hi

 We get daily updates and photos from daycare, and they are the cutest thing ever

 Working on a few backyard projects this summer. Deck painting, planting, etc. 
The gravel pad is where we are training Marty to pee so he stops ruining the grass. Good luck....

 This doodle got his summer cut is so happy about it

 Blurry, late night photo when your toddler wakes up from teething
But is too adorable to put back to bed :/

 Warm weather shenanigans. First time trying frozen yogurt. Was a huge hit!

 When the weather is nice we go for long walks after dinner, usually to the park. 
This little guy is still unsure about those swings

 Pitching in with weekend chores

 Apparently he sleeps in our room now. On a giant stack of pillows #princessandthepea

 All dressed up for Mother's Day dinner! 

 Annnnnd, the stomach flu. Thank you, daycare germs.

 Waking up at the crack of dawn to try and look halfway put together for work. Then getting there and realizing you have snot or cheerios wiped across your dress.
Cooking the quickest meals I can find on pinterest so everyone is fed and happy at a decent time. Even if they taste awful.
Calls from daycare requesting immediate pick up because your child is sick.
Relishing in the days that are Saturday and Sunday so you can spend some couch surfing catch up time with your husband, hot tea in hand, watching your kiddo feed the dog human treats he shouldn't be eating. 

Yup, this is where we are at right now. And we aren't the only ones. What I do know is that it will get better & easier with time. Routines will re-emerge. Babies will be become more independent. Moms will stop putting so much pressure on themselves to be perfect. And certain Dogs will learn to pee on gravel pads (fingers crossed on that one).